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Photo Restoration - Preserving Your Old Photos

Photo restoration is a very rewarding service that Sparkling Graphics provides in the Comox Valley and beyond. Preserving history through restoration is a skill that Linda has successfully acquired over time and with lots of patience.

The degree of success in restoring a photo is determined by how badly damaged the photo is. Colour depth and scratches can be corrected butsignificant tears, water,fire, or light damage may be more challenging but not impossible. Linda will be able to determine if the photo can indeed be restored to near satisfaction and will work with the original colour, depth and look of the old antique photo.

Why would or should photos be restored? The most common reason is the photo restoration samplesentimental, historical value to the owner of the photos, so they can be preserved or archived on a CD or in a book or photo album. Anybody who dabbles in their family tree will be interested in preserving old photos to pass down to the next generation. There is nothing more appealing than a century old restored sepia-coloured framed photo of your ancestors hanging on the wall in that special room of your home. Sparkling Graphics also designs collages for any occasion. It could be either a single photo or more involved, like a memory book with or without text.

Restorations start at $75.00 and up. Call for a free consultation to accurately access the amount of time needed on each photo(s).

Prestige Video Transfer will professionally transfer old reel-to-reel film, VHS and video camera tapes, slides, negatives, and photos to digital files, which are then saved on DVDs. Check them both out!

Below are some examples of photo restoration (roll your mouse over the image to see)



Photo is dated early 1900's. It was ripped and taped on the back
(2 hours to restore)

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